Sunday, February 12, 2012

IF - Popularity

Although J.R.'s audition was the best, everyone said it was 
his popularity that landed him the lead in the school play. 
On opening night, J.R.'s amazing performance proved
he was the best choice for the part.

* * * * *

The Process of Creating J.R.

I'm going to be creating a bunch of robots in the near future for a project
and this little guy was my first attempt to see if it fits my style. They will likely
 change but J.R. wanted to help me out with Illustration Friday.

Recently I was asked about my process so I decided to snap some 
pictures as I worked. 

Also, to answer the question of how I come up with what I create... 
I am a visual thinker. Ideas are vivid pictures in 
my mind - they pop in my head fully formed. Many times
they show up with a name and a story.
The final piece may change, especially if I am 
creating for a client, but the first draft is always what I see in my head. 

Here is the beginning sketch.
I do almost all my sketches with a Steadtler Mechanical Pencil.
I use ranges .3 - .7 and use .5 the most.

Below is J.R. after inking and making adjustments.
My favorite pens to ink with are my ink well
& dip pen and Y&C Permawriter II. This
was done with the Permawriter and it works
well on paper with a rough texture. Very smooth
and doesn't catch and skip. 

I did this one in watercolor so the next step
was to mix the paints. The colors I used were
a slate blue mix, a terracotta color 
mixed with a dark violet and
a bit of the slate blue mix for the rust.

Adding the first layer of color.
Watercolor was a hard medium for me to learn
because of its hard line effect. Took a while to learn
to soften those lines and make the colors blend. But now
I love it - probably my favorite medium for illustration.
Most of my work is done in an Alla Prima style and
 not in layers of washes. Looking to do some video of my 
watercolors in the future.

More color. Almost there but not quite. 
Needs a few more adjustments before
I can call him finished. And I need an actual
scan of the final image instead of a 
quick snap with my phone.
(Final image is at the top.)

Thanks for stopping by and I always enjoy your emails and comments.

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Fatima B said...

wow this looks Amazing Lainey!! :) love the shading <3


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